Large, ventilated rooms with air conditioning.


Our facilities are planned to meet the needs of children from various age groups. Children’s safety is a constant concern, therefore all environments have protective guards, stairs with handrails and the bathrooms have non slip flooring; all rooms have emergency lights; and accordion doors to avoid accidents with hands and fingers. The acclimatized swimming pool has two doors with automatic locks kept out of the reach of children.


One of the key differences of Studio da Criança is its ample space. Therefore, all activities are held at the same place with no need to take the children elsewhere, which guarantees peace of mind to the parents.


The internal communication system relies on a microphone at the reception desk that is interconnected to loudspeakers installed throughout the Day care/school facilities. There are phone extensions available in alll rooms, so staff members may exchange information among themselves. In addition, the technical staff carries two way radios.

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