The Studio da Criança Nursery offers all the structure required to provide care to three months old babies and older, and the educational proposal starts to be applied already at this age with a specialized multidisciplinary team.


Differentiated activities are promoted to motivate and develop each infant with the support of psychologists, pediatricians, and educational supervisors, besides complementary activity teachers.


Music, stories, games, dramatizations are all part of the Nursery's daily activities. By experiencing the activities with different resources, infant’s curiosity is stimulated; benefiting their body, reasoning, and language development even more. The interaction with children’s literature begins at this stage through books and puppets that are handled daily by the children.


The result of all this work is recorded in individual reports on the baby's development, which are sent to parents/guardians every four months.


At about fifteen months old, the child is now ready for new challenges and discoveries at other areas of Studio. This is when the adaptation to the new group (Toddlers) begins. This is a gradual process, monitored closely and daily by the Nursery School's psychologist, who observes and respects the time each child requires for a change in routine.


Everyday, an educator promotes differentiated activities to stimulate the development of each baby.

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